Cedar Electronics Cobra SC 200 Configurable Smart Dash Cam


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Key Features

The SC 200 configurable smart dash cam enables drivers to customize the product to meet their specific needs. With optional cabin-view or rear-view accessory cameras, you'll be assured that you've got the right angle covered.

  • 3" Screen: Quad HD Video Quality with LCD Display
  • Integrated Voice Commands: Hands-Free Camera Operation
  • Enhanced Night Vision: Crystal Clear Footage
  • Drive Smarter App: Manage Your Dash Cam Settings, Videos and Alerts from Your Phone
  • Dual Band Wi-Fi: Flawless Connectivity
  • Real-Time Driver Alerts: Speed & Red-Light Camera Alerts with Road Condition Updates
  • Cloud Video Management: Instantly store, edit and share footage from anywhere with built-in Wi-Fi
  • Incident Report: Instantly Share your Policy Number, Event Details and Video Link to your Insurance Company
  • Emergency MayDay Notifications: Set-Up Emergency Contacts in Event of Accident
  • Embedded GPS: Provides Location and Speed Information on Footage
  • Advanced Driver Assistance System: Lane Departure & Collision Warning
Instantly share your policy number, event details and videos from your car camera to insurance company.