Rogers Roaming

Power all your connections with Canada’s most trusted network. Stay connected in more places with Extended Coverage, keep in touch with Wi-Fi Calling even when there’s limited wireless signal, and enjoy low daily rates while travelling with Roam Like Home.

Wi-Fi Calling

Call and text with Wi-Fi Calling even when there’s limited wireless signal 1.
Stay connected wherever you are with Wi-Fi Calling. Make or receive phone calls and send text messages wherever there’s a Wi-Fi connection, including basements, condos and tall buildings.

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Extended Coverage (EXT)

Stay connected in more places across Canada 2.

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Roam Like Home

Use your phone in over 180 international destinations just like you would at home for a low daily rate 3.
  • Worry-free roaming - Use the data, minutes and text messages from your Rogers mobile plan while roaming for one low daily rate.
  • Pay only on days when you roam - Roam Like Home is active only on days when you make or answer a call, text or use data while travelling. Once active, it will be valid for 24 hours. If you don’t want to use Roam Like Home, switch your data roaming off and avoid making or answering calls or sending texts.
  • Max 15 days per month - You will be charged for a maximum of 15 days per billing cycle —great for longer trips!
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See full details:
  1. Available in areas with a Wi-Fi connection where there is unusable mobile network coverage. Customers must enable the Wi-Fi Calling feature and have a compatible device and Rogers postpaid wireless plan. Regular usage rates apply as per your plan. Visit for full terms and conditions.
  2. Available to postpaid wireless customer with a compatible device. Intended for occasional use in Extended Coverage areas outside the Rogers network. Wireless Home Phone, Wireless Business Phone, Rocket Hub, prepaid and zone-based or calling circle plans (e.g., My5/10 and MY1/2/5 enterprise business plans) are not eligible for Extended Coverage.
  3. Excluding prepaid accounts, most enterprise plans as well as monthly plans that include roaming services. Additional restrictions apply for My 5/10 customers. Roam Like Home is Pay-Per-Use rate and subject to change without notice. Taxes extra. Fee charged per line in addition to plan monthly fee and applies for 24 hrs from first use in eligible destination. Roaming charges apply when outside eligible destination. Data: Usage exceeding plan allotment charged in increments rounded up to next MB or GB as applicable. Texts: While in eligible destination, includes texts sent to local or Canadian wireless number. Sent/received premium texts, sent international texts to non-eligible destinations charged at applicable rates. Calls: While in an eligible destination, includes unlimited calls to local or Canadian numbers. International long distance rates apply to calls made to other countries while in eligible destination. for full terms and conditions and list of eligible destinations.