Prepaid Add-Ons

Directory Assistance

$2.50 per call + airtime
Next time you need a phone number, simply call "*4-1-1" from your wireless phone. We'll give you the number, connect your call and send the listing to your phone in a free text message.

You also get movie listings, weather conditions and driving directions for no additional charge!

Prepaid Add Ons

$5.00per month
U.S. Preferred Calling- $5/month

Get a 10ยข/min calling rate to the U.S.

Regular pay-per-use U.S. long distance ($0.70/minute) charge applies if recurring $5 monthly fee is not paid

International Preferred Calling- $5/month

Get preferred rates for international calls to over 180 destinations

Regular pay-per-use international long distance charge applies if recurring $5 monthly fee is not paid


Add-ons require a subscription and must be added to a monthly prepaid or semi-annual plan. If your account does not have sufficient funds to pay the monthly fee of an Add-on for the following month at the end of any given month, pay-per-use rates will apply. Long-distance calls are billed by the minute and airtime charges apply. Applies to all prepaid plans and rates: Prepaid airtime (when available) is billed by the minute and applies to local calls only (excludes calls made through Call Forwarding, Video Calling or similar services). Voicemail (when available) includes up to 10 messages that can be saved up to 10 days, max. 3 min each (airtime charges apply). $10, $20 and $30 vouchers provide access to the network for up to 30 days from date added to the account; $50 vouchers for up to 60 days; $100 vouchers for up to 365 days.